Gmail “All Mail” IMAP folder missing in Microsoft Outlook

I’ve upgraded my Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Outlook 2016/365 and added IMAP connection to my Gmail account. I was expecting that all IMAP folders to be listed as per my older Outlook. Unfortunately I found that all folders were available except the All Mail folder. This folder will list all emails available in my Gmail account.

After much research, I found a quick fix from Microsoft Community forum here.

In short, all you need to do is to create a new folder and name it as “All Mail” within the [Gmail] parent folder, as per the diagram below. All your Gmail’s mails will start synchronizing into that folder.

Gmail All Mail Outlook
Create an “All Mail” folder in Outlook

Happy New Year.

Please take note that there is a limit to the total bandwidth for Gsuite, as per writing of this article.

POP and IMAP bandwidth limits

Limit Per day
Download via IMAP 2500 MB
Download via POP 1250 MB
Upload via IMAP 500 MB

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