Things to brings to quarantine in MAEPS

I’m from Malaysia and if I’m tested positive for COVID-19, I’d need to be quarantined in designated place such as MAEPS, Serdang or hotels. This post will serve as my personal checklist should the above happens. Clothes for a week or two Laundry bags Toiletries Toothbrush Toothpaste Toilet paper rolls (in case those provided runs … Read more

Enable ini_set using custom php.ini

If you’re on shared hosting using cPanel as the control panel, you’d probably has the same problem as mine. The ini_set function is disabled by the hosting company for security purposes. Yeah, I know it’s for security purposes, but if I have to use it, I have to use it. So I’ve learned from others … Read more

Resize root LVM partition on CentOS

I installed my server using the default partition sizes recommended during installation. Over time, I realized that I used more space of other partitions than /home. After much searching around, this is what I did to get my server’s partition resized. “WARNING! THE FOLLOWING STEPS MAY CAUSE DAMAGED TO YOUR PARTITION AND IRRECOVERABLE DATA LOSS. … Read more

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