Things to brings to quarantine in MAEPS

I’m from Malaysia and if I’m tested positive for COVID-19, I’d need to be quarantined in designated place such as MAEPS, Serdang or hotels.
This post will serve as my personal checklist should the above happens.

  1. Clothes for a week or two
  2. Laundry bags
  3. Toiletries
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Toilet paper rolls (in case those provided runs out)
    • Bath towels
    • Face towels
    • Hair cream/gel
    • Comb
    • Shaver
    • Nail Clippers
  4. Windbreaker, sweater or Jacket
    The place is would be cold due to air conditioning. Warm jacket would help to to keep your body warm.
  5. Eye cover for sleeping
    Lights in the center may only be switched off late into the night. If need to sleep early, an eye cover is a must.
  6. Books and other reading materials
  7. Charger, extension cord and charging cables for phones, powerbank and laptop
  8. Powerbanks
  9. Earphones and headphones
  10. Snacks and cup noodles (:-P)
  11. Condiments to add on to my meals
  12. Water bottles (Warm and Cold)
  13. 3 in 1 drinks packets
  14. Slipper
  15. Personal medications (My hypertention pills and diarherra pills)
  16. Personal sanitisers



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